COandXHistoryView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ~COandXHistoryView ()
TUid Id () const
void HandleCommandL (TInt aCommand)
void HandleViewRectChange ()
void DynInitMenuPaneL (TInt aResourceId, CEikMenuPane *aMenuPane)
COandXHistViewContainerContainer ()
void ChangeDisplayL (TBool aDisplayHistory)
TBool IsDisplayingHistory () const
TBool IsActivated () const

Static Public Member Functions

static COandXHistoryViewNewLC ()

Detailed Description

A view that displays the Noughts and Crosses game history or stats (The view simply displays the relevant control)

Definition at line 48 of file oandxhistview.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

COandXHistoryView::~COandXHistoryView (  ) 

Destructor for the view

Definition at line 60 of file oandxhistview.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

TUid COandXHistoryView::Id (  )  const

Returns the view Id

Definition at line 79 of file oandxhistview.cpp.

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