COandXApplication Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

TUid AppDllUid () const
TUid AppDllUid () const

Protected Member Functions

CApaDocument * CreateDocumentL ()
CApaDocument * CreateDocumentL ()

Detailed Description

Standard application class tells the application framework this app's UID and creates the document object.

Definition at line 25 of file oandxapplication.h.

Member Function Documentation

TUid COandXApplication::AppDllUid (  )  const

Implement CApaApplication by returning this application's UID.

This application's third UID (SECUREID).

Definition at line 21 of file oandxapplication.cpp.

CApaDocument * COandXApplication::CreateDocumentL (  )  [protected]

Override override CEikApplication by allocating an instance of the document object.

New instance of document object. The calling framework owns the object.

Definition at line 32 of file oandxapplication.cpp.

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