CMarkableListContainer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void SetArraysL (CDesCArrayFlat *aAddress, CDesCArrayFlat *aMessage)
void SetIdArray (RArray< TMsvId > *aArray)
void MarkAllL (TBool aSelectionMode)
RArray< TMsvId > * GetSelectedItems ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CMarkableListContainerNewL (const TRect &aRect)
static CMarkableListContainerNewLC (const TRect &aRect)

Detailed Description

Message ListBox.

Definition at line 21 of file SMSExampleMarkableListContainer.h.

Member Function Documentation

CMarkableListContainer * CMarkableListContainer::NewL ( const TRect &  aRect  )  [static]

Create new CMarkableListContainer object

aRect Frame rectangle for container.
a pointer to the created instance of CMarkableListContainer

Definition at line 342 of file SMSExampleMarkableListContainer.cpp.

CMarkableListContainer * CMarkableListContainer::NewLC ( const TRect &  aRect  )  [static]


Definition at line 354 of file SMSExampleMarkableListContainer.cpp.

void CMarkableListContainer::SetArraysL ( CDesCArrayFlat *  aAddress,
CDesCArrayFlat *  aMessage 

Set SMS recipient and body arrays.

aAddress Array of SMS addressess
aMessage Array of SMS bodys.

Definition at line 100 of file SMSExampleMarkableListContainer.cpp.

void CMarkableListContainer::SetIdArray ( RArray< TMsvId > *  aArray  ) 

Set array of message Ids.

aArray Array of Ids.

Definition at line 454 of file SMSExampleMarkableListContainer.cpp.

void CMarkableListContainer::MarkAllL ( TBool  aSelectionMode  ) 

Mark or unmark all ListBox items.

aSelectionMode ETrue if all items should be marked, EFalse if unmarked.

Definition at line 117 of file SMSExampleMarkableListContainer.cpp.

RArray< TMsvId > * CMarkableListContainer::GetSelectedItems (  ) 

Returns all message ids which have been marked.

Array of ids.

Definition at line 464 of file SMSExampleMarkableListContainer.cpp.

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