CMTPRequestUnknown Class Reference

Inherits CMTPExampleDpRequestProcessor.

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Public Member Functions

 ~CMTPRequestUnknown ()

Static Public Member Functions

NewL (MMTPDataProviderFramework &aFramework, MMTPConnection &aConnection)

Protected Member Functions

 CMTPRequestUnknown (MMTPDataProviderFramework &aFramework, MMTPConnection &aConnection)
virtual void ServiceL ()
virtual TBool Match (const TMTPTypeRequest &aRequest, MMTPConnection &aConnection) const

Detailed Description

Defines device data provider OpenSession request processor

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CMTPRequestUnknown::~CMTPRequestUnknown (  ) 


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CMTPRequestUnknown::CMTPRequestUnknown ( MMTPDataProviderFramework &  aFramework,
MMTPConnection &  aConnection 
) [protected]

Standard c++ constructor

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Member Function Documentation

MMTPExampleDpRequestProcessor * CMTPRequestUnknown::NewL ( MMTPDataProviderFramework &  aFramework,
MMTPConnection &  aConnection 
) [static]

Two-phase construction method

aFramework The data provider framework
aConnection The connection from which the request comes
a pointer to the created request processor object

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void CMTPRequestUnknown::ServiceL (  )  [protected, virtual]

OpenSession request handler

Implements CMTPExampleDpRequestProcessor.

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TBool CMTPRequestUnknown::Match ( const TMTPTypeRequest &  aRequest,
MMTPConnection &  aConnection 
) const [protected, virtual]

Override to match both the unknown requests

aRequest The request to match
aConnection The connection from which the request comes
always return ETrue to process all unknown request

Reimplemented from CMTPExampleDpRequestProcessor.

Definition at line 80 of file cmtprequestunknown.cpp.

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