CInternetEmailEngine Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void RemoteOpenEmailL (const TInt aIndex)
void RemoteFetchL ()
void SetProtocolL (const TInt aType)
TBool IsProtocolSet ()
TPtrC RemoteEmailTextL (const TInt aIndex)
TPtrC RemoteEmailSenderL (const TInt aIndex)
TInt RemoteEmailCount ()
TBool IsEngineReady ()
TBool CheckIfExistsL (const TInt aTypeEnum)
void CancelOperation ()
void Queue ()
void RunL ()
void DoCancel ()
TInt RunError (const TInt aError)
void HandleSessionEventL (TMsvSessionEvent aEvent, TAny *aArg1, TAny *aArg2, TAny *aArg3)

Static Public Member Functions

static CInternetEmailEngineNewL (MInternetEmailEngineObserver &aObserver)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 117 of file InternetEmailEngine.h.

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