CIntPropertyWatch Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void WatchL ()
void IssueRequest ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CIntPropertyWatchNewL (CConsoleBase *aConsole)

Detailed Description

Subscribes to an integer property using the active object framework

Definition at line 44 of file subscribepe.h.

Member Function Documentation

CIntPropertyWatch * CIntPropertyWatch::NewL ( CConsoleBase *  aConsole  )  [static]

Constructs a CIntPropertyWatch object

aConsole The console interface
A CIntPropertyWatch object

Definition at line 63 of file subscribepe.cpp.

void CIntPropertyWatch::WatchL (  ) 

Gets the value of the property if it is already defined It also issues an outstanding request by re-subscribing to the property

Definition at line 132 of file subscribepe.cpp.

void CIntPropertyWatch::IssueRequest (  ) 

Issues an outstanding request by subscribing to the property

Definition at line 152 of file subscribepe.cpp.

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