CISVAPIAsync Class Reference

Inherits CISVAPIBase.

Inherited by CAnswerIncomingCall, CAnswerIncomingCall, CBatteryInfo, CCallBarringStatus, CCallBarringStatus, CCallForwardingStatus, CCallForwardingStatus, CCallInfo, CCallStatus, CCallStatus, CCallStatus, CCallWaitingStatus, CCallWaitingStatus, CCallWaitingStatus, CCurrentNetworkInfo, CCurrentNetworkInfo, CCurrentNetworkName, CDialCall, CDialCall, CDynamicCaps, CFlightModeInfo, CFlightModeInfo, CFlightModeInfo, CFlightModeInfo, CFlightModeInfo, CFlightModeInfo, CGetIndicator, CGetLockInfo, CHangup, CHangup, CHangup, CHold, CIdentityServiceStatus, CIdentityServiceStatus, CLineStatus, CLineStatus, CLineStatus, CNetworkRegInfo, CNetworkRegInfo, CNetworkRegInfo, COperatorName, CPhoneId, CResume, CSendDTMF, CSignalInfo, and CSwap.

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Public Member Functions

 CISVAPIAsync (MExecAsync *aController, TTelISVExampleType aExampleType)
void ExampleComplete ()
void ExampleNotify ()

Protected Attributes

TBool iRequestNotify

Detailed Description

Extended class providing functionality for objects to make Etel 3rd party function calls and interact with their owning class.

Definition at line 62 of file CISVAPIAsync.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CISVAPIAsync::CISVAPIAsync ( MExecAsync aController,
TTelISVExampleType  aExampleType 

Default constructor.

aController iController is set to point to this object
aExampleType The type of the derived class that has extended the functionality of this class

Definition at line 41 of file CISVAPIAsync.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void CISVAPIAsync::ExampleComplete (  ) 

Calls ExecComplete() through the iController instance.

Calls MExecAsync::ExecComplete() to notify the Menu object that they have completed their request.

Definition at line 52 of file CISVAPIAsync.cpp.

void CISVAPIAsync::ExampleNotify (  ) 

Calls ExecNotify() through the iController instance.

Calls MExecAsync::ExecNotify() to notify the Menu object that they have been notified of a change.

Definition at line 62 of file CISVAPIAsync.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

TBool CISVAPIAsync::iRequestNotify [protected]

Specifies if a completing request is a notification or not.

Definition at line 82 of file CISVAPIAsync.h.

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