CGameScreenManager Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  TGameState {
  ESplashScreen, EMainScreen, EPausedScreen, EPlayScreen,
  EWaitOpponentScreen, EResultScreen, EControlScreen, ENotifierScreen,
  EConnectingScreen, EStartScreen, EWaitStartScreen, EWaitConnScreen,
  EErrorScreen, EAboutScreen, EGameScreensTotal
enum  TPlayMode { ESinglePlayer, ETwoPlayerShortlink }

Public Member Functions

 ~CGameScreenManager ()
void SetGameState (TGameState aNewGameState)
void SetPlayMode (TPlayMode aPlayMode)
TGameState GameState () const
TPlayMode PlayMode () const
CGameScreenGameScreen ()
TRoshamboRoshambo ()
CRpsGameEngineGameEngine ()
CBluetoothManagerBluetoothManager ()
TGameDataGameData ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CGameScreenManagerNewL (CRpsGameEngine &aEngine)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CGameScreenManager::~CGameScreenManager (  ) 


Definition at line 90 of file rpsGameScreens.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CGameScreenManager * CGameScreenManager::NewL ( CRpsGameEngine aEngine  )  [static]

NewL. Two-phased constructor. Create a CGameScreenManager object. aObs a reference to the RPS's engine

Definition at line 48 of file rpsGameScreens.cpp.

void CGameScreenManager::SetGameState ( TGameState  aNewGameState  ) 

Set the game screen to display aNewGameState One of the game states

Definition at line 98 of file rpsGameScreens.cpp.

void CGameScreenManager::SetPlayMode ( TPlayMode  aPlayMode  ) 

Set the play mode one or two players aPlayMode One of the play modes

Definition at line 112 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

TGameState CGameScreenManager::GameState (  )  const

Query the RPS game's state

One of the games states

Definition at line 118 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

TPlayMode CGameScreenManager::PlayMode (  )  const

Query the RPS's play mode

One of the game's play mode (one/two players)

Definition at line 124 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

CGameScreen* CGameScreenManager::GameScreen (  ) 
the pointer to the current game screen been displayed

Definition at line 129 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

TRoshambo& CGameScreenManager::Roshambo (  ) 
a TRoshambo reference

Definition at line 134 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

CRpsGameEngine& CGameScreenManager::GameEngine (  ) 
The reference to the RPS's engine

Definition at line 139 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

CBluetoothManager& CGameScreenManager::BluetoothManager (  ) 
The reference to the Bluetooth Manager

Definition at line 144 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

TGameData& CGameScreenManager::GameData (  ) 
The current game data

Definition at line 149 of file rpsGameScreens.h.

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