CExampleInterface Class Reference

Inherited by CImplementationClassOne, and CImplementationClassTwo.

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struct  TExampleInterfaceInitParams

Public Member Functions

virtual void DoMethodL (TDes &aString)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static CExampleInterfaceNewL ()
static CExampleInterfaceNewL (const TDesC8 &aMatchString)
static CExampleInterfaceNewL (const TDesC8 &aMatchString, TExampleInterfaceInitParams &aParams)
static void ListAllImplementationsL (RImplInfoPtrArray &aImplInfoArray)

Detailed Description

An example abstract class being representative of the concrete class which the client wishes to use.

It acts as a base, for a real class to provide all the functionality that a client requires. It supplies instantiation & destruction by using the ECom framework, and functional services by using the methods of the actual class.

Definition at line 51 of file Interface.h.

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