CDBMSListboxView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ~CDBMSListboxView ()
void SetCaptionL (const TDesC &aNewCaption)
void SetListItemsL (CDesCArrayFlat *aNewItems)
TInt GetSelectedItem (TDes &aResult) const
void Draw (const TRect &aRect) const
void SizeChanged ()
TInt CountComponentControls () const
CCoeControl * ComponentControl (TInt aIndex) const
TKeyResponse OfferKeyEventL (const TKeyEvent &aKeyEvent, TEventCode aType)

Static Public Member Functions

static CDBMSListboxViewNewL (const TRect &aRect)

Detailed Description

Class: CDBMSListboxView

Description: An instance of this class is an Application View object for the DBMS example application.

This is window owning container control.It shows label and a single listbox. The listbox is used to

Definition at line 51 of file DBMSListboxView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CDBMSListboxView::~CDBMSListboxView (  ) 

Function: ~CDBMSAppView

Description: Destroy the view object

Definition at line 136 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CDBMSListboxView * CDBMSListboxView::NewL ( const TRect &  aRect  )  [static]

Function: NewL

Description: Create a CDBMSListboxView object, which will draw itself to aRect.

Param: aRect the rectangle this view will be drawn to

Returns: A pointer to the created instance of CDBMSListboxView

Definition at line 47 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

void CDBMSListboxView::SetCaptionL ( const TDesC &  aNewCaption  ) 

Function: SetCaptionL

Description: Sets new caption for the view.

Param: aNewCaption new value for the caption.

Definition at line 89 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

void CDBMSListboxView::SetListItemsL ( CDesCArrayFlat *  aNewItems  ) 

Function: SetListItemsL

Description: Sets the list box items. The listbox takes ownership of the aNewItems array.

Param: aNewItems Array of descriptors to be shown in the listbox.

Definition at line 103 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

TInt CDBMSListboxView::GetSelectedItem ( TDes &  aResult  )  const

Function: GetSelectedItem

Description: Get name of the selected item in the listbox.

Param: aResult The result is placed here. Provide descriptor long enough.

Returns: KErrNone, if item was selected. KErrNotFound otherwise.

Definition at line 240 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

void CDBMSListboxView::Draw ( const TRect &  aRect  )  const

Function: Draw

Description: Paints this view (an empty rect). This is called by the framework, when view needs to redraw itself.

Param: aRect Frame rectangle for container.

Definition at line 152 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

void CDBMSListboxView::SizeChanged (  ) 

Function: SizeChanged

Description: Determines controls' sizes according to current state.

Definition at line 167 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

TInt CDBMSListboxView::CountComponentControls (  )  const

Function: CountComponentControls

Returns: Number of controls within this container.

Definition at line 193 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

CCoeControl * CDBMSListboxView::ComponentControl ( TInt  aIndex  )  const

Function: ComponentControl

Param: aIndex of control

Returns: One of the controls this class owns.

Definition at line 205 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

TKeyResponse CDBMSListboxView::OfferKeyEventL ( const TKeyEvent &  aKeyEvent,
TEventCode  aType 

Function: OfferKeyEventL

Description: Handles key events for this control. Forwards them to listbox

Param: aKeyEvent The key event.

Param: aType The type of the event.

Returns: Indicates whether or not the key event was used (consumed) by this control.

Definition at line 227 of file DBMSListboxView.cpp.

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