CControlFrameworkView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

TBool IsBold () const
TBool IsItalic () const
TBool IsUnderline () const
TBool IsStrikethrough () const
void ToggleBold ()
void ToggleItalic ()
void ToggleUnderline ()
void ToggleStrikethrough ()
TVwsViewId ViewId () const

Static Public Member Functions

static CControlFrameworkViewNewLC (CControlFrameworkAppUi &iAppUi)

Protected Member Functions

 CControlFrameworkView (CControlFrameworkAppUi &iAppUi)
void DrawBorder (TRect &aRect) const
void DrawMessage (const TRect &aRect) const
void ViewConstructL ()
void ViewActivatedL (const TVwsViewId &aPrevViewId, TUid aCustomMessageId, const TDesC8 &aCustomMessage)
void ViewDeactivated ()
TKeyResponse OfferKeyEventL (const TKeyEvent &aKeyEvent, TEventCode aType)
void HandlePointerEventL (const TPointerEvent &aPointerEvent)
void Draw (const TRect &) const

Detailed Description

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