CCircularBufferExample Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ~CCircularBufferExample ()
void CircularBufferOfIntsL ()
void CircularBufferOfMyObjectsL ()
void CircularBufferOfRClasssL ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CCircularBufferExampleNewL ()

Detailed Description

Demonstrates the following uses of the Symbian platform circular buffer API:

Definition at line 47 of file circularbuffer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCircularBufferExample::~CCircularBufferExample (  ) 


Definition at line 99 of file circularbuffer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CCircularBufferExample * CCircularBufferExample::NewL (  )  [static]

Allocates and constructs a CCircularBufferExample object. Initialises all member data to their default values.

A CCircularBufferExample object.

Definition at line 109 of file circularbuffer.cpp.

void CCircularBufferExample::CircularBufferOfIntsL (  ) 

Constructs a circular buffer containing integers, and adds and removes integers.

Definition at line 120 of file circularbuffer.cpp.

void CCircularBufferExample::CircularBufferOfMyObjectsL (  ) 

Constructs a circular buffer of objects of my own created class, add and remove object from buffer.

Definition at line 227 of file circularbuffer.cpp.

void CCircularBufferExample::CircularBufferOfRClasssL (  ) 

Constructs a circular buffer of RBuf objects.

Definition at line 338 of file circularbuffer.cpp.

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