CCalculationInterfaceDefinition Class Reference

Inherited by CImplementationClassMultiply, and CImplementationClassPlus.

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~CCalculationInterfaceDefinition ()
virtual TReal Calculate (TReal aA, TReal aB)=0

Static Public Member Functions

NewL (const TDesC8 &aOperationName)

Detailed Description

Class: CCalculationInterfaceDefinition

Description: Custom ECOM interface definition. This interface is used by clients to find specific instance and do corresponding calculation operation for given too numbers. Plugin implementations implement the Calculate function.

Definition at line 61 of file EComInterfaceDefinition.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCalculationInterfaceDefinition::~CCalculationInterfaceDefinition (  )  [virtual]

Function: ~CCalculationInterfaceDefinition

Description: Wraps ECom object destruction. Notifies the ECOM framework that specific instance is being destroyed. See EcomInterfaceDefinition.inl for details.

Definition at line 31 of file EComInterfaceDefinition.inl.

Member Function Documentation

CCalculationInterfaceDefinition * CCalculationInterfaceDefinition::NewL ( const TDesC8 &  aOperationName  )  [static]

Function: NewL

Description: Wraps ECom object instantitation. Will search for interface implementation, which matches to given aOperationName.

Param: aOperationName name of requested implementation. Implementations advertise their "name" as specified in their resource file field IMPLEMENTATION_INFO::default_data. For details, see EcomInterfaceDefinition.inl comments. In this example, the allowed values are "sum" and "multiply".

Note: This is not a "normal" NewL method, since normally NewL methods are only defined for concrete classes. Note that also implementations of this interface provide NewL methods. They are the familiar NewL's, which create instance of classes.

Definition at line 46 of file EComInterfaceDefinition.inl.

virtual TReal CCalculationInterfaceDefinition::Calculate ( TReal  aA,
TReal  aB 
) [pure virtual]

Function: Calculate

Description: Public interface service. Implementation does some calculation for given a and b. The result of calculation depends on the implementation.

Param: aA one of the numbers used for calculation

Param: aB the other of the numbers used for calculation

Returns: Result of calculation.

Implemented in CImplementationClassMultiply, and CImplementationClassPlus.

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