CBrowserView Class Reference

Inherited by CAboutView, and CDetailView.

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Public Member Functions

TUid Id () const
void HandleCommandL (TInt aCommand)
void HandleSizeChange (TInt aType)
void DoActivateL (const TVwsViewId &aPrevViewId, TUid aCustomMessageId, const TDesC8 &aCustomMessage)
void DoDeactivate ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ConstructContainerL ()=0

Protected Attributes

TUid iIdentifier

Detailed Description

CBrowserView view class. An instance of the Application View object for the SqlSrvDemo example application

Definition at line 36 of file BrowserView.h.

Member Function Documentation

TUid CBrowserView::Id (  )  const

Id From CAknView, return Uid.

Uid Uid value

Definition at line 36 of file BrowserView.cpp.

void CBrowserView::HandleCommandL ( TInt  aCommand  ) 

HandleCommandL From CAknView, takes care of command handling.

aCommand Command to be handled

Definition at line 46 of file BrowserView.cpp.

void CBrowserView::HandleSizeChange ( TInt  aType  ) 

HandleSizeChange Called by HandleResourceChangeL() from CSqlSrvDemoAppUi when layout is changed.

aType Type of resources that have changed

Definition at line 66 of file BrowserView.cpp.

void CBrowserView::DoActivateL ( const TVwsViewId &  aPrevViewId,
TUid  aCustomMessageId,
const TDesC8 &  aCustomMessage 

DoActivateL From CAknExView, activate an AknView.

aPrevViewId The id of the previous view
aCustomMessageId message identifier
aCustomMessage custom message provided when the view is changed

Definition at line 97 of file BrowserView.cpp.

void CBrowserView::DoDeactivate (  ) 

DoDeactivate From AknView, deactivate an AknView Remove the container class instance from the App UI's stack and deletes the instance

Definition at line 110 of file BrowserView.cpp.

virtual void CBrowserView::ConstructContainerL (  )  [protected, pure virtual]

ConstructContainerL Function to be overridden by dervied class to construct correct container for each derived view

Member Data Documentation

iContainer,container for this view owned by CDetailView object.

Definition at line 102 of file BrowserView.h.

TUid CBrowserView::iIdentifier [protected]

View Identifier

Definition at line 105 of file BrowserView.h.

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