CBluetoothServiceAdvertiser Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  TAdvertiserState { EIdle, EConnecting, EBuildingServiceRecord }

Public Member Functions

 CBluetoothServiceAdvertiser (MBluetoothServiceAdvertiserObserver &aSerAdvObs)
 ~CBluetoothServiceAdvertiser ()
void StartL (const TInt aPort)

Detailed Description

CBluetoothSockConnector Advertise the BT service using the SDP server

Definition at line 55 of file BluetoothServiceAdvertiser.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

TAdvertiserState State Machine

Definition at line 54 of file BluetoothServiceAdvertiser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CBluetoothServiceAdvertiser::CBluetoothServiceAdvertiser ( MBluetoothServiceAdvertiserObserver aSerAdvObs  ) 

Constructor aSerAdvObs Interface to notify the status of the service advertising

Definition at line 46 of file BluetoothServiceAdvertiser.cpp.

CBluetoothServiceAdvertiser::~CBluetoothServiceAdvertiser (  ) 


Definition at line 57 of file BluetoothServiceAdvertiser.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void CBluetoothServiceAdvertiser::StartL ( const TInt  aPort  ) 

Kicks off the state machine aPort RFCOMM's port

Definition at line 70 of file BluetoothServiceAdvertiser.cpp.

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