CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void ConstructL (const TRect &aRect)
 ~CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer ()
void DrawTextL (const TDesC &aText)
void DrawTextWithoutCarriageL (const TDesC &aText)
void DrawUnderlinedTextL (const TDesC &aText)
void DrawLineL ()
void AddCarriageReturnL ()
void ShowMessageL (const TDesC &aMsg)
void SizeChanged ()
void ClearScreenL ()

Static Public Member Functions

NewL (const TRect &aRect)
NewLC (const TRect &aRect)

Detailed Description

CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer Container control class.

Definition at line 44 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::~CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer (  ) 


Definition at line 83 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer * CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::NewL ( const TRect &  aRect  )  [static]

Create new CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer object

aRect Frame rectangle for container.
a pointer to the created instance of CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.

Definition at line 39 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer * CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::NewLC ( const TRect &  aRect  )  [static]


Definition at line 51 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::ConstructL ( const TRect &  aRect  ) 

Symbian OS default constructor.

aRect Frame rectangle for container.

Definition at line 64 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::DrawTextL ( const TDesC &  aText  ) 

Print text on the screen.

aText text to be displayed.

Definition at line 131 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::DrawTextWithoutCarriageL ( const TDesC &  aText  ) 

Print text on the screen. No Carriage return at the end.

aText text to be displayed.

Definition at line 137 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::DrawUnderlinedTextL ( const TDesC &  aText  ) 

Print underlined text on the screen.

aText text to be displayed.

Definition at line 88 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::DrawLineL (  ) 

Draw one line.

Definition at line 96 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::AddCarriageReturnL (  ) 

Add one line break.

Definition at line 143 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::ShowMessageL ( const TDesC &  aMsg  ) 

Adds a line of text to the text area

Definition at line 174 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::SizeChanged (  ) 

From CoeControl,SizeChanged.

Definition at line 122 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

void CBluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer::ClearScreenL (  ) 

Removes all text

Definition at line 179 of file BluetoothPMPExampleRTEContainer.cpp.

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