Automatic Speech Recognition Data Handling Overview

This document provides an overview of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Data Handling.


This library handles ASR recognition data.

ASR Data Handling Library Details

The DLL that provides the functionality and the library to which your code must link is identified below.

DLL LIB Short Description



These files are used for implementing ASR Data Handling.

Architectural Relationship

ASR Data Handling is used by the ASR Client Utility to handle recognition matches. For more information, see Automatic Speech Recognition Client Utility Overview.


The CSDClientResult class contains the results of a successful recognition match. The Grammar ID and Rule ID functions define the recognition match. The constructor returns an array of CSDClientResult classes. The first entry in the array is the best match.

Key ASR Data Handling Classes

The speech recognition functionality provided by ASR Data Handling is contained within the following key classes:

Using ASR Data Handling

Clients can use ASR Data Handling to:

  • Instantiate an instance of CSDClientResult.

  • Return the grammar ID.

  • Return the rule ID.

  • Return the number of CSDClientresult objects in the array.

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