Automatic Speech Recognition Client Utility Overview

This document provides an overview of the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Client Utility.


The ASR Client Utility provides speech recognition services.

ASR Client Utility Library Details

The DLL that provides the functionality and the library to which your code must link is identified below.

DLL LIB Short Description



These files are used for implementing the ASR Client Utility.

Architectural Relationship

The ASR Client Utility provides the interface between clients and the Multimedia Framework. The ASR Client Utility uses ASR Custom Commands and ASR Data Handling to provide clients with speech recognition functionality.


The ASR Client Utility provides speech recognition services for clients requiring speech recognition functionality.

Key ASR Client Utility Classes

The speech recognition functionality provided by the ASR Client Utility is contained within the following key classes:

Using the ASR Client Utility

Clients can use the ASR Client Utility to:

  • Create a new lexicon.

  • Create a new grammar.

  • Add a new entry into the lexicon

  • Add a new rule into the grammar.

  • Record user utterance.

  • Playback user utterance.

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