Video HAI Overview

This document provides an overview of the Video HAI (Hardware Adaptation Interface) component.


The Video HAI component provides a hardware abstraction layer for video playing and recording.

Required Background

The Hardware Adaptation Interfaces Overview provides an introduction to the Video HAI and related components.

Architectural Relationships

The Video HAI component interacts with the following components:

  • Multimedia Framework

    The MMF loads the appropriate video controller plug-ins, and then those video controller plug-ins use the framework to access the HAI.

  • Media Device Framework

    The MDF provides the codec interface for video codecs.

API Summary

The Video HAI component includes the following APIs:

API Description


Library providing video decoding and encoding hardware acceleration.

For more information, see DevVideo Overview.

Typical Uses

The Video HAI component is used to:

  • Configure video decoding and post-processing.

  • Control video playback.

  • Configure video encoding and pre-processing.

  • Control video recording.