Multimedia Hardware Adaptation Interfaces Overview

This document introduces you to the Multimedia Hardware Adaptation Interfaces collection.


The Multimedia Hardware Adaptation Interfaces (HAI) collection defines hardware-independent interfaces for controlling the hardware component, such as:
  • Video hardware

Architectural Relationship

The APIs are introduced with their components. The Multimedia components DevVideo and DevSound provide APIs for handling the media data once the raw data stream has been extracted by the Multimedia HAI components.


The Multimedia HAI provides support for controlling the hardware component, and handling the data streams.


The Multimedia HAI collection includes the following:

  • Video HAI

Video HAI

The Video HAI defines an interface for plug-ins that provide video functionality.

Using Multimedia HAI

Hardware integrators can write device drivers or servers to manage the component like:

  • Video

These components expose APIs that are independent of the underlying implementation and hardware specifics.

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