Media Information Overview

The Media Information library allows a remote controller to retrieve information about the currently playing media item.


The Media Information library allows a target application to respond to a controller request for the details of the currently playing media item. These details are also known as the item's metadata.

Media Information Library Details

The DLL that provides the functionality and the library to which your code must link is identified below.

DLL LIB Short Description



Allows remote application to receive media information.


Applications that wish to make media information available must instantiate a CRemConMediaInformationTarget object.


The media information library provides classes that are used to construct metadata information in response to a MrcmitoGetCurrentlyPlayingMetadata request from the controller. This class is used to define the metadata requests that the application is willing to handle by selectively handling or ignoring specific metadata elements.

Key classes

The key classes that provide the Media Information are as follows:

  • CRemConMediaInformationTarget

    The object used by an application to handle Media Information commands and requests.

  • MRemConMediaInformationTargetObserver

    This is an observer. It watches incoming remote control commands and notifies the application if any of the registered commands are sent from the controller device. An object of this class is used when constructing the CRemConMediaInformationTarget.

    The application watches for the specific requests set by this object and responds to those requests as required. The library shall provide values for all requested attributes for which data is available. The library provides an RArray of TMediaAttributeId objects representing the metadata attributes of interest to the application.

  • TMediaAttributeIter

    Provides an RArray of TMediaAttributeId values used by MrcmitoGetCurrentlyPlayingMetadata.

Using Media Information

An application should implement the functionality from the key classes. When a Media Information request is received by RemCon it is passed through the interface to the application which should return the information as specified in the API documentation.

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