Absolute Volume Target Overview

The Absolute Volume Target provides functionality to receive volume level change requests from a remote controller and to send back the current absolute volume.


Absolute Volume Target receives volume setting commands from a controller, and sends notifications to the controller when the volume changes.

Absolute Volume Target library details

The DLL that provides the functionality and the library to which your code must link is identified below.

DLL LIB Short description



Used by applications to monitor volume levels and to change them on a target device such as Bluetooth headphones or a car stereo.


Absolute Volume Target is a RemCon target interface.


Absolute Volume Target:

  • receives absolute volume setting commands. The application should adjust the volume on the media player to match the requested absolute volume. The application replies with the actual volume setting. For example, if the request is to set the volume to 95% but the media player only supports volumes of 0 to 10, then the actual volume setting will be returned as 9 out of 10.

  • sends volume change events. These are sent whenever the volume is changed on the media player.

Key classes

The key classes required for Absolute Volume Target are:

  • CRemConInterfaceSelector

    This handles the registration of the Absolute Volume Target.

  • CRemConAbsoluteVolumeTarget

    An object of this class is used to receive commands to set the absolute volume on the target.

  • MRemConAbsoluteVolumeTargetObserver

    The application uses this object to specify that the application should be notified about volume change requests.

Using Absolute Volume Target

Absolute Volume Target enables a media player on a Symbian device to receive a volume change request from a remote controller and to return the new setting back to the controller.

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