Stylus pop-up menu

Stylus pop-up menu is the primary menu for showing item-specific options. Application only needs to tag items to be item-specific and the application framework handles the remaining tasks. Item-specific options can be attached to almost all the items.

Figure: Stylus pop-up menu opened from a list.

Stylus pop-up is mainly used to offer dynamic functions, and the functions supported by touch-enabled devices. The stylus pop-up menu can also be used directly on top of applications. For example, on an image in Browser, the stylus pop-up menu can be used for offering Save as… and similar options.

Following are the guidelines to be followed while designing the menu:

  • Item-specific pop-up menu should not be used with buttons and multi-selection list or grid items.

  • Stylus pop-up menu should have only six items.

  • If used for items other than item-specific menu items, it is recommended to open the pop-up with touch down and hold.

  • Stylus pop-up menu has no sub-menus.

  • Functions that are performed via touch down and release are not duplicated in the stylus pop-up menu. For example, 'Open' or 'Change' should not be in the stylus pop-up menu.

Background is not dimmed when the stylus pop-up menu is shown. The menu disappears automatically after six seconds (or as soon as the user selects an item or taps outside the pop-up area).

The stylus pop-up menu is scrollable and a scrollbar is added if the number of items exceeds what fits the component.

Table: Default touch events for Stylus pop-up menu

User action

State change


Touch down

No effect

Highlight is shown.

Tactile: Basic list effect and audio feedback is provided with touch down event.

Touch release

The item is activated.

Highlight disappears and stylus pop-up is closed.

Tactile: Basic list effect is provided with touch release event.

Touch down and hold


Tactile: No effect

Touch down and move inside the stylus pop-up

Refer to Dragging and flicking events

Tactile: Refer to Dragging and flicking events.

Touch down and move out of the stylus pop-up menu

Refer to Dragging and flicking events

Tactile: Refer to Dragging and flicking events.

Touch down and release out of menu area

Stylus pop-up menu disappears. No selection is made.

Tactile: Opens via long touch, provides only the increasing long touch effect during the touch down and hold event. No additional pop-up effect is provided when the menu opens.

Touch down and move horizontally


Highlight stays on the item that is touched down before moving horizontally.

Tactile: No effect

Using stylus pop-up menus in applications

The API to use for creating a stylus pop-up menu is the Stylus pop-up menu API.

For implementation information, see Displaying commands in a context menu.