Stylus pop-up menu API

The Stylus pop-up menu API is used for displaying commands in a pop-up menu.

Figure: Stylus pop-up menu displayed

A stylus pop up menu (CAknStylusPopUpMenu, defined in AknStylusPopUpMenu.h) is a floating menu component that contains stylus-specific menu content. As the name implies, the stylus pop up menu is meant to be used only with the stylus by tapping a stylus interactive area. The pop-up menu is displayed near the tapping position.

It is the application’s responsibility to create the stylus pop up menu and handle the actions its menu items trigger. Note that this does not apply to item-specific options menu.

For look and feel guidelines on the stylus pop-up menu, see the stylus pop-up menu UI component description.

For implementation information, see Displaying commands in a context menu.

For the Stylus pop-up menu API classes and header files, see Classes and Definitions.

Changes and release information

The Stylus pop-up menu API is an SDK API and first released in S60 5th Edition.


This API is valid for touch-enabled Symbian platforms.

Emulator support

This API is fully supported in the WINS/WINSCW emulator environment.

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