TTimeIntervalSeconds Class Reference

#include <e32std.h>

Link against: eposprvtyp.lib

class TTimeIntervalSeconds : public TTimeIntervalBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Represents a time interval in seconds.

Comparison and interval retrieval functions are provided by the base class TTimeIntervalBase.

The range of values which it can represent is +-2147483647, which is equal to +-24855 days (approximately 68 years).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TTimeIntervalSeconds ( )


Default constructor.

Constructs an uninitialised object.

TTimeIntervalSeconds ( TInt )


Constructs the object with the specified interval value.

aIntervalThe interval value with which the object is to be initialised.

Member Function Documentation

operator= ( TInt )

TTimeIntervalSeconds &operator=(TIntaInterval)[inline]

Assigns a value to this object.

aIntervalThe interval value to be assigned.

Returns: A reference to this object.