TSecureId Class Reference

#include <e32cmn.h>

Link against: eposprvtyp.lib

class TSecureId
Public Attributes
TUint32 iId
Public Member Functions
operator TUid()
operator TUint32()

Detailed Description

A class used to represent the Secure ID of a process or executable image.

Constructors and conversion operators are provided to enable conversion of this class to and from both TUint32 and TUid objects.

Because this class has non-default constructors, compilers will not initialise this objects at compile time, instead code will be generated to construct the object at run-time. This is wastefull, and Symbian OS DLLs are not permitted to have such uninitialised data. To overcome these problems a macro is provided to construct a const object which behaves like a TSecureId. This is _LIT_SECURE_ID. This macro should be used where it is desirable to define const TSecureId objects, like in header files. E.g. Instead of writing:
	const TSecureId MyId=0x1234567

See also: _LIT_SECURE_ID

Member Attribute Documentation


TUint32 iId

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TSecureId ( )


Default constructor. This leaves the object in an undefined state

TSecureId ( TUint32 )


Construct 'this' using a TUint32

aIdThe value for the ID

TSecureId ( TUid )


Construct 'this' using a TUid

aIdThe value for the ID

Member Function Documentation

operator TUid ( )

operator TUid()const [inline]

Convert 'this' into a TUid

operator TUint32 ( )

operator TUint32()const [inline]

Convert 'this' into a TUint32