MIdleFindObserver Class Reference

#include <app/cntdb.h>

class MIdleFindObserver
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidIdleFindCallback()

Detailed Description

The interface for an asynchronous find observer.

An object which implements this interface is passed to the asynchronous find functions defined in class CContactDatabase, (FindAsyncL() and FindInTextDefAsyncL()). The observer would typically notify the user of the progress of the operation.

Member Function Documentation

IdleFindCallback ( )

voidIdleFindCallback()[pure virtual]

Asynchronous find observer callback.

If an observer is supplied to CContactDatabase::FindAsyncL() or FindInTextDefAsyncL(), this callback function is called by CIdle::RunL() when nothing of a higher priority can be scheduled. It is called for every 16 items searched to give the application a chance to update its search status.

An implementation might test for and handle errors and retrieve information about the progress of the search. This information may be retrieved using functions provided by the CIdleFinder class.