CIdleFinder Class Reference

#include <app/cntdb.h>

Link against: cntmodel.lib

class CIdleFinder : public CIdle

Inherits from

  • CIdleFinder

    Detailed Description

    Provides information about the progress of an asynchronous contact database search, and can be used to get the results of the search.

    An instance of this class is returned by calls to CContactDatabase::FindAsyncL() and CContactDatabase::FindInTextDefAsyncL().

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    ~CIdleFinder ( )


    CIdleFinder destructor.

    Member Function Documentation

    Error ( )

    IMPORT_C TIntError()const

    Get the last asynchronous find error.

    Returns: The last asynchronous find error. Signals an error while searching the database. The error code, if any error occurs during the search operation.

    IsComplete ( )

    IMPORT_C TBoolIsComplete()const

    Determine if the asynchronous find is complete.

    Returns: ETrue If asynchronous find is complete, EFalse otherwise. Checks whether the contact database search is complete. ETrue if search is complete, otherwise EFalse.

    RunError ( TInt )

    TInt RunError(TIntaError)[virtual]

    Reimplemented from CActive::RunError(TInt)

    TakeContactIds ( )

    IMPORT_C CContactIdArray *TakeContactIds()

    Get and take ownership of the Contact IDs.

    Returns: Array of Contact IDs. Gets an array of contact item IDs where the match is found. Array of contact item IDs.