MPbk2FieldProperty Class Reference

#include <app/MPbk2FieldProperty.h>

class MPbk2FieldProperty
Public Member Functions
pure virtual TInt AddItemOrdering()
pure virtual const TDesC &AddItemText()
pure virtual TPbk2FieldCtrlType CtrlType()
pure virtual TPbk2FieldDefaultCase DefaultCase()
pure virtual const TDesC &DefaultLabel()
pure virtual TPbk2FieldEditMode EditMode()
virtual TAny *FieldPropertyExtension(TUid)
pure virtual const MVPbkFieldType &FieldType()
pure virtual TUint Flags()
pure virtual TPbk2FieldGroupId GroupId()
pure virtual const TPbk2IconId &IconId()
pure virtual TBool IsSame(const MPbk2FieldProperty &)
pure virtual TPbk2FieldLocation Location()
pure virtual TInt MaxLength()
pure virtual TPbk2FieldMultiplicity Multiplicity()
pure virtual TInt OrderingItem()

Detailed Description

Phonebook 2 field property interface.

Field property defines data for contact field presentation in the UI.

Member Function Documentation

AddItemOrdering ( )

TInt AddItemOrdering()const [pure virtual]

Returns the field ordering item in 'add item' dialog.

Returns: Number that defines the ordering of the field in the contact editor add item dialog.

AddItemText ( )

const TDesC &AddItemText()const [pure virtual]

Returns field 'add item' text, or the default label if there is no 'add item' text defined.

Returns: Add item text or the default label.

CtrlType ( )

TPbk2FieldCtrlType CtrlType()const [pure virtual]

Returns the type of the field editor.

Returns: Type of the field editor (text, date, number etc.).

DefaultCase ( )

TPbk2FieldDefaultCase DefaultCase()const [pure virtual]

Returns the default character case for the field editor.

Returns: Default character case.

DefaultLabel ( )

const TDesC &DefaultLabel()const [pure virtual]

Returns the default label that should be used if the store doesn't define a label.

Returns: Default label.

EditMode ( )

TPbk2FieldEditMode EditMode()const [pure virtual]

Returns the editing mode for the field editor.

Returns: Field editing mode..

FieldPropertyExtension ( TUid )

TAny *FieldPropertyExtension(TUid)[inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.

Returns: Extension point.

FieldType ( )

const MVPbkFieldType &FieldType()const [pure virtual]

Returns the field type of the property

Returns: The field type this property links to.

Flags ( )

TUint Flags()const [pure virtual]

Returns the field property flags defined in Pbk2FieldProperty.hrh.

Returns: Field property flags.

GroupId ( )

TPbk2FieldGroupId GroupId()const [pure virtual]

Returns the group id of the property.

Returns: Group id.

IconId ( )

const TPbk2IconId &IconId()const [pure virtual]

Returns the icon id for the field.

Returns: Icon id.

IsSame ( const MPbk2FieldProperty & )

TBool IsSame(const MPbk2FieldProperty &aOther)const [pure virtual]

Compares two field properties.

aOtherThe property to compare

Returns: ETrue if properties are the same.

Location ( )

TPbk2FieldLocation Location()const [pure virtual]

Returns the location of the field.

Returns: Location of the field (home, work, etc.).

MaxLength ( )

TInt MaxLength()const [pure virtual]

Returns the maximum length of the field.

Returns: Static maximum length of the field. Note, that the contact store can have it's own limits.

Multiplicity ( )

TPbk2FieldMultiplicity Multiplicity()const [pure virtual]

Returns the multiplicity information

Returns: Multiplicity property which tells that can there be several fields of this type in the contact.

OrderingItem ( )

TInt OrderingItem()const [pure virtual]

Returns the field ordering item.

Returns: Number that defines the ordering of the field.