CBitmapFrameData Class Reference

#include <mw/bmpancli.h>

class CBitmapFrameData : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CBitmapFrameData

    Detailed Description

    Encapsulates the information required for one frame of an animation.

    Each animation frame includes a bitmap that is displayed in a specified position for a specified length of time. You can optionally include a mask that either hides part of the bitmap, or makes part of the bitmap transparent so that the background can be seen.

    You will probably need to define several frames for a complete animation. When you have defined the frames you require, use CBitmapAnimClientData to construct the animation itself.

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    ~CBitmapFrameData ( )


    Member Function Documentation

    Bitmap ( )

    IMPORT_C CFbsBitmap *Bitmap()const

    BitmapsOwnedExternally ( )

    IMPORT_C TBoolBitmapsOwnedExternally()const

    IntervalInMilliSeconds ( )

    IMPORT_C TIntIntervalInMilliSeconds()const

    Mask ( )

    IMPORT_C CFbsBitmap *Mask()const

    NewL ( )

    IMPORT_C CBitmapFrameData *NewL()[static]

    NewL ( CFbsBitmap *, CFbsBitmap * )

    IMPORT_C CBitmapFrameData *NewL(CFbsBitmap *aBitmap,
    CFbsBitmap *aMask = NULL

    NewL ( CFbsBitmap *, CFbsBitmap *, TInt, TPoint )

    IMPORT_C CBitmapFrameData *NewL(CFbsBitmap *aBitmap,
    CFbsBitmap *aMask,

    Position ( )

    IMPORT_C TPointPosition()const

    SetBitmap ( CFbsBitmap * )

    IMPORT_C voidSetBitmap(CFbsBitmap *aBitmap)

    SetBitmapsOwnedExternally ( TBool )

    IMPORT_C voidSetBitmapsOwnedExternally(TBoolaOwnedExternally)

    SetInterval ( TInt )

    IMPORT_C voidSetInterval(TIntaIntervalInMilliSeconds)

    SetMask ( CFbsBitmap * )

    IMPORT_C voidSetMask(CFbsBitmap *aMask)

    SetPosition ( TPoint )

    IMPORT_C voidSetPosition(TPointaPosition)