MVPbkContactStoreList Class Reference

#include <app/MVPbkContactStoreList.h>

class MVPbkContactStoreList
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MVPbkContactStoreList()
pure virtual MVPbkContactStore &At(TInt)
pure virtual voidCloseAll(MVPbkContactStoreListObserver &)
virtual TAny *ContactStoreListExtension(TUid)
pure virtual TInt Count()
pure virtual MVPbkContactStore *Find(const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr &)
pure virtual voidOpenAllL(MVPbkContactStoreListObserver &)

Detailed Description

An interface for a list of contact stores.

The interface provides an access to multiple stores. It's possible to open and close all stores in single call using this interface. When client calls OpenAllL it must also calls CloseAll after usage.

See also: CVPbkContactManager::ContactStoresL

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MVPbkContactStoreList ( )

~MVPbkContactStoreList()[inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

At ( TInt )

MVPbkContactStore &At(TIntaIndex)const [pure virtual]

Returns the store in given index in the list.

aIndexthe index of the store in the list aIndex >= 0 && aIndex < Count() VPbkError::Panic(VPbkError::EInvalidStoreIndex) is raised if the precondition does not hold.

Returns: The store in the specified index.

CloseAll ( MVPbkContactStoreListObserver & )

voidCloseAll(MVPbkContactStoreListObserver &aObserver)[pure virtual]

Closes all stores in the list.

This is safe to call in all circumstances. Implementations can not trust that OpenAllL has been called before.

aObserverAn observer for the close process.

ContactStoreListExtension ( TUid )

TAny *ContactStoreListExtension(TUid)[inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.

Returns: an extension point for this interface or NULL.

Count ( )

TInt Count()const [pure virtual]

Returns the number of stores in the list.

Returns: The number of stores in the list.

Find ( const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr & )

MVPbkContactStore *Find(const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr &aUri)const [pure virtual]

Finds the contact store corresponding to the aUri.

aUrithe store URI to search for.

Returns: The contact store corresponding to the aUri or NULL.

OpenAllL ( MVPbkContactStoreListObserver & )

voidOpenAllL(MVPbkContactStoreListObserver &aObserver)[pure virtual]

Opens all stores in the list asynchronously.

A client can not use stores before it has successfully opened them. CloseAll must be always called by the same observer that has opened stores.

NOTE: There can be only one observer for one store list at a time.


If one observer is currently opening this list.

aObserverAn observer for the stores.