TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr Class Reference

#include <app/TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr.h>

Link against: VPbkEng.lib

class TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr : public MVPbkStreamable

Inherits from

Detailed Description

A class for using contact store URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier).

A URI identifies a contact store. This class is a helper for accessing URI data. It can be used to separate the different parts of the URI and compare URIs.

E.g. A URI of the store could be cntdb://c:contacts.cdb. This URI have three components: 1) cntdb is a scheme - EContactStoreUriStoreType 2) c is a drive of the database - EContactStoreUriStoreDrive 3) c:contacts.cdb is the location - EContactStoreUriStoreLocation

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum TVPbkContactStoreUriComponent

URI component types.

EContactStoreUriAllComponentsthe whole URI
EContactStoreUriStoreTypethe stores type, the URI's scheme
EContactStoreUriStoreDrivethe stores drive letter
EContactStoreUriStoreLocationthe stores file/host location

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr ( const TDesC & )

IMPORT_CTVPbkContactStoreUriPtr(const TDesC &aStoreUri)

Constructs a URI pointer to aStoreUri.

aStoreUriA reference to the contact store URI.

TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr ( )



Member Function Documentation

Compare ( const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr &, TVPbkContactStoreUriComponent )

IMPORT_C TIntCompare(const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr &aUri,

Compares this URI's component to aUri's component.

aUriThe URI whose component is compared.
aComponentDefines the component that are compared.

Returns: Zero if the URIs are the same.

Compare ( const TDesC &, TVPbkContactStoreUriComponent )

IMPORT_C TIntCompare(const TDesC &aUriComponent,

Compares this URI's component to aUriComponent.

aUriComponentA descriptor that contains the component data.
aComponentDefines the component of this URI that is compared to aUriComponent.

Returns: Zero if components matched.

Component ( TVPbkContactStoreUriComponent )

IMPORT_C const TPtrCComponent(TVPbkContactStoreUriComponentaComponent)const

Returns a pointer to the aComponent part of URI.

aComponentDefines the component that is returned.

Returns: a pointer to the aComponent part of URI.

ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream & )

IMPORT_C voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &aStream)const [virtual]

Reimplemented from MVPbkStreamable::ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)const

Outputs this objects state to aStream.

aStreamA stream for writing the object state.

ExternalizedSize ( )

IMPORT_C TIntExternalizedSize()const [virtual]

Reimplemented from MVPbkStreamable::ExternalizedSize()const

Returns the externalized size of the object in bytes.

Returns: The externalized size of the object.

Length ( )

IMPORT_C TIntLength()const

Returns the length of the URI.

Returns: The length of the URI.

Set ( const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr & )

IMPORT_C voidSet(const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr &aUri)

Sets this URI pointer to point to the same URI as aUri.

aUriThe URI that will be pointed to.

UriDes ( )

IMPORT_C const TDesC &UriDes()const

Returns a descriptor that holds the whole Uri.

Returns: A descriptor that holds the whole Uri.