RCoeResourceLoader Class Reference

#include <mw/coeutils.h>

class RCoeResourceLoader
Public Member Functions
RCoeResourceLoader(CCoeEnv &)
IMPORT_C voidClose()
IMPORT_C TIntOpen(TFileName &)
IMPORT_C voidOpenL(TFileName &)

Detailed Description

Class encapsulates methods for opening and closing localised resource files in the CONE environment. The actual reading of resources from an opened resource file is done using various CCoeEnv provided resource-reading methods. The Cone Resource Loader API consists of the RCoeResourceLoader class.

Only one resource at a time may be opened by one RCoeResourceLoader instance. You can use several RCoeResourceLoader instances for accessing several resources simultaneously or use one instance and close the previous resource before opening a new one.

The implementation uses BaflUtils::NearestLanguageFile to search for a localised resource in proper search order.

Usage example:

#include <coeutils.h>  

// Get CCoeEnv instance
CEikonEnv* eikEnv = CEikonEnv::Static();
// Initialize loader
RCoeResourceLoader rLoader(eikEnv);

// Push resource loader to cleanup stack, so that it will always be properly 
// closed when popped.

// Open resource file
_LIT( KSampleResourceFileName, "Z:\\System\\Apps\\sample\\sample.rsc" );
TFileName fileName(KSampleResourceFileName);

// Read a resource   
iSomeArray = eikEnv->ReadDesC16ArrayResourceL(R_SOME_RESOURCE);

// Pop and destroy rLoader from stack. 
// This also calls the rLoader close function after CleanupClosePushL is used.
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // rLoader

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RCoeResourceLoader ( CCoeEnv & )

IMPORT_CRCoeResourceLoader(CCoeEnv &aEnv)

Member Function Documentation

Close ( )

IMPORT_C voidClose()

Open ( TFileName & )

IMPORT_C TIntOpen(TFileName &aFileName)

OpenL ( TFileName & )

IMPORT_C voidOpenL(TFileName &aFileName)