CTelephony::TNetworkNameV2 Class Reference

#include <etel3rdparty.h>

Link against: etel3rdparty.lib

class CTelephony::TNetworkNameV2 : public CTelephony::TEtelISVType

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TBuf< KNetworkLongNameSizeV2 >iNetworkName
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Detailed Description

Defines the name network name. TNetworkNameV2 differs from Version 1 (TNetworkNameV1) in that the length of iNetworkName is 20 (rather than 16).

TNetworkNameV2 should be used in preference to TNetworkNameV1. The network name provided in this V2 class is of the length supplied by the platform. The V1 class' network name will be truncated if the platform provides a name longer than V1 name's limit.

Note: This information is only available on GSM/WCDMA networks.

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TBuf< KNetworkLongNameSizeV2 >iNetworkName

The displayed name (up to 20 characters) of the network provider.

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TNetworkNameV2 ( )


Default constructor.