CSubConGenEventParamsGranted Class Reference

#include <cs_subconevents.h>

class CSubConGenEventParamsGranted : public CSubConNotificationEvent

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Detailed Description

Subconnection parameters granted event.

Provides an interface for granted parameters event. This event will contain a negotiated generic parameter set and zero or more negotiated extension parameter sets.

Notification of this event occurs after a request to RSubConnection::SetParameters() has been made and negotiation with the network has been completed. A notification will be received for each family contained in the parameter bundle that was negotiated successfully. This event presents a generic set and zero or more extension sets (providing they are supported by the underlying sub-connection provider technology) of the parameter family identified by the Id return from GetFamily().

The following operations are also provided:

GetGenericSet()/SetGenericSet() - Accessor function for Generic Parameter Sets. GetExtensionSet() - Get extension parameter set of a particular index. AddExtensionSetL() - Add extension parameter set. GetFamily()/SetFamily() - Accessor function for parameter family type.

since v9.1

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DATA_VTABLE TUint32iFamily[protected]


CSubConGenericParameterSet *iGenericSet[protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSubConGenEventParamsGranted ( )


Empty CSubConGenEventParamsGranted constructor

~CSubConGenEventParamsGranted ( )


Member Function Documentation

AddExtensionSetL ( CSubConExtensionParameterSet * )

voidAddExtensionSetL(CSubConExtensionParameterSet *aExtensionSet)[inline]

Adds Extension Parameter set.

aExtensionSetextension parameter set to be added in the list.

GetExtensionSet ( TUint )

const CSubConExtensionParameterSet *constGetExtensionSet(TUintaIndex)const [inline]

Gets Extension Parameter set.

aIndexthe index number of the extension parameter to be returned (index number must not be greater than the value returned by CSubConGenEventParamsGranted::GetNumExtensionSets())

Returns: pointer to selected CSubConExtensionParameterSet.

GetFamily ( )

TUint32 GetFamily()const [inline]

Gets parameter family type.

Returns: parameter family type.

GetGenericSet ( )

const CSubConGenericParameterSet *constGetGenericSet()const [inline]

Gets Generic Parameter set.

Returns: pointer to CSubConGenericParameterSet.

GetNumExtensionSets ( )

TInt GetNumExtensionSets()[inline]

Gets the number of Extension Parameter set.

Returns: number of Extension Parameter set.

NewL ( )

CSubConGenEventParamsGranted *NewL()[static, inline]

Creates a granted parameter event sub-connection.

Returns: a CSubConGenEventParamsGranted object pointer if successful, otherwise leaves with system error code.

SetFamily ( TUint32 )


Sets parameter family type.

aFamilyparameter family type.

SetGenericSet ( CSubConGenericParameterSet * )

voidSetGenericSet(CSubConGenericParameterSet *aGenericSet)[inline]

Sets Generic Parameter set.

aGenericSetpointer to Generic Parameter set.