TSerialInfo Class Reference

#include <c32comm.h>

class TSerialInfo

Detailed Description

Describes a serial protocol's general capabilities.

Used by RCommServ::GetPortInfo to retrieve information about the comm ports and the CSY.


1. The lowest port need not necessarily be numbered zero.

2. At least one port is always guaranteed.

3. The full name of the serial port (used when opening it) consists of the name returned by TSerialInfo (the Port Prefix), followed by a double colon separator, followed by the unit number (port number) as an ASCII number (for instance COMM::0).

Member Attribute Documentation


TPortDescription iDescription

Description of the CSY meant only for human reading. It can be up to KMaxPortDescription (48) characters long.


TUint iHighUnit


TUint iLowUnit


TPortName iName

The short name of the port (Port Prefix). This is used in calls to RComm::Open(). It can be up to KMaxPortName (i.e. 16) characters long.