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Public Member Enumerations
enumTPanicCode { EInvalidTypeParameter, EInvalidTypeParameterResource, EFieldDataTypeMismatch, EInvalidFieldIndex, ..., EAccessOfUnopenedStore }
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidPanic(TPanicCode)
_LIT(KPanicCategory, "VPbkEng")

Virtual Phonebook Engine API error codes and functions.

These codes are used in Virtual Phonebook APIs and all store plugin implementations must use them as documented in the API header files.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum TPanicCode

Panic codes for the Virtual Phonebook APIs.

Member Function Documentation

Panic ( TPanicCode )

IMPORT_C voidPanic(TPanicCodeaPanicCode)

Called if an unrecoverable error is detected.

Stops the thread with User::Panic.

aPanicCodeOne of the TPanicCode values.

_LIT ( KPanicCategory, "VPbkEng" )


Panic category for Virtual Phonebook APIs.