TPbk2IconId Class Reference

#include <app/TPbk2IconId.h>

class TPbk2IconId
Public Member Functions
TPbk2IconId(const TUid &, TInt)
TPbk2IconId(TResourceReader &)
TBool IsOwner(const TUid &)
IMPORT_C TBooloperator==(const TPbk2IconId &)

Detailed Description

Phonebook 2 icon identification. This class is responsible for implementing a unique identifier for icons in the Phonebook context.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TPbk2IconId ( )


Default C++ constructor. Constructs a null icon id.

TPbk2IconId ( const TUid &, TInt )

IMPORT_CTPbk2IconId(const TUid &aOwnerUid,

Constructor that takes the owner uid and icon id.

aOwnerUidThe UID that specifies whose icon this is. It's used the identify icons from different components that are used in the same data structure. The UID could be e.g a Phonebook 2 UID for application defined icons and ECom implementation UID for UI extension icons.
aIconIdThe id of the icon under the owner.

TPbk2IconId ( TResourceReader & )

IMPORT_CTPbk2IconId(TResourceReader &aReader)

Constructor that takes a resource reader that points to a PHONEBOOK2_ICON_ID structure.

aReaderResource reader to a PHONEBOOK2_ICON_ID resource structure.

Member Function Documentation

IsOwner ( const TUid & )

TBool IsOwner(const TUid &aUid)const [inline]

Checks if passed uid is owner of this structure

aUidOwner UID to check.

Returns: ETrue if UID is owner UID, EFalse otherwise.

operator== ( const TPbk2IconId & )

IMPORT_C TBooloperator==(const TPbk2IconId &aRhs)const

Comparison that returns ETrue if the icon ids are the same.

aRhsAn icon id to compare.

Returns: ETrue if the icon ids are the same.