CVPbkBaseContactFieldTypeIterator Class Reference

#include <app/CVPbkContactFieldIterator.h>

class CVPbkBaseContactFieldTypeIterator : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CVPbkBaseContactFieldTypeIterator

    Detailed Description

    Virtual Phonebook contact field type iterator. Iterates the contact fields according to the field type specified.

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    ~CVPbkBaseContactFieldTypeIterator ( )



    Member Function Documentation

    HasNext ( )

    TBool HasNext()const

    NewLC ( const MVPbkFieldType &, const MVPbkBaseContactFieldCollection & )

    IMPORT_C CVPbkBaseContactFieldTypeIterator *NewLC(const MVPbkFieldType &aFieldType,
    const MVPbkBaseContactFieldCollection &aFields

    Constructor for iterating store contact fields.

    aFieldTypeField type which is iterated.
    aFieldsContact fields to iterate.

    Returns: A new instance of this class

    Next ( )

    const MVPbkBaseContactField *Next()const