RInetUri Class Reference

#include <mw/ineturi.h>

Link against: ineturilist.lib

class RInetUri
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidClose()
IMPORT_C voidCreateL(const TDesC8 &, TServiceType, TListType)
IMPORT_C const TDesC8 &FavouriteName()
IMPORT_C TListTypeListType()
IMPORT_C TPermissionPermission()
IMPORT_C TServiceTypeServiceType()
IMPORT_C voidSetFavouriteNameL(const TDesC8 &)
IMPORT_C voidSetListType(TListType)
IMPORT_C const CUri8 &Uri()

Detailed Description

RInetUri represents a handle to the URI and its associated URI properties. A URI must always be associated with a service type and a list type. Service type defines the purpose for which the URI is added (for example, Browser, WAP Push, Push EMail, and so on), and the list type defines the permission associated with the URI (for example, whitelist or blacklist).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RInetUri ( )


A default RInetUri constructor.

Member Function Documentation

Close ( )

IMPORT_C voidClose()

Closes the RInetUri handle.

CreateL ( const TDesC8 &, TServiceType, TListType )

IMPORT_C voidCreateL(const TDesC8 &aUri,

FavouriteName ( )

IMPORT_C const TDesC8 &FavouriteName()const

Returns the favourite name of the URI. Returns KNullDesC8 if no favourite name is set.

Returns: Favourite name of URI

ListType ( )

IMPORT_C TListTypeListType()const

Returns the list type associated with the URI.

Returns: list type of the URI

Permission ( )

IMPORT_C TPermissionPermission()const

Returns the permission associated with the URI, that is, read-only or read-write.

Returns: list type

ServiceType ( )

IMPORT_C TServiceTypeServiceType()const

Returns the service type associated with the URI.

Returns: service type

SetFavouriteNameL ( const TDesC8 & )

IMPORT_C voidSetFavouriteNameL(const TDesC8 &aFavouriteName)

Set the favourite name associated with the URI.

aFavouriteNameFavourite name of the URI

SetListType ( TListType )

IMPORT_C voidSetListType(TListTypeaListType)

Uri ( )

IMPORT_C const CUri8 &Uri()const

Returns the CUri8 type object.

Returns: Reference to URI