CVPbkDefaultAttribute Class Reference

#include <app/CVPbkDefaultAttribute.h>

class CVPbkDefaultAttribute : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CVPbkDefaultAttribute

    Detailed Description

    Virtual Phonebook default attribute for contacts. Responsible for encapsulating the default attribute management for contacts.

    The supported default types are declared in TVPbkDefaultType.

    Member Attribute Documentation


    const TVPbkDefaultTypeKDefaultTypeNotDefined[static]


    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    ~CVPbkDefaultAttribute ( )



    Member Function Documentation

    AttributeType ( )

    TUid AttributeType()const

    CloneLC ( )

    MVPbkContactAttribute *CloneLC()const

    DefaultType ( )

    IMPORT_C TVPbkDefaultTypeDefaultType()const

    Returns default's type.

    Returns: Default's type.

    NewL ( TVPbkDefaultType )

    IMPORT_C CVPbkDefaultAttribute *NewL(TVPbkDefaultTypeaType)[static]

    Two-phased constructor.

    aTypeNew default's type.

    Returns: New instance of this class.

    NewL ( )

    IMPORT_C CVPbkDefaultAttribute *NewL()[static]

    Two-phased constructor. Default type will be initialised to EVPbkDefaultTypeUndefined.

    Returns: New instance of this class.

    SetDefaultType ( TVPbkDefaultType )

    IMPORT_C voidSetDefaultType(TVPbkDefaultTypeaType)

    Set default type.

    aTypeNew default's type

    Uid ( )

    TUid Uid()[static, inline]

    Returns the unique identifier associate with the default attribute.

    Returns: Default attribute implementation uid.