CObjectConIx Class Reference

#include <e32base.h>

class CObjectConIx : public CBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

A container for object containers

This is referred to as a container index.

The class provides the mechanism through which object containers, CObjectCon types, are created.

See also: CObjectCon CObject

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum anonymous


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CObjectConIx ( )


Default constructor.

~CObjectConIx ( )



Frees all resources owned by the container index, prior to its destruction.

In particular, it destroys all of its contained object containers.

Member Function Documentation

CreateContainerL ( CObjectCon *& )

IMPORT_C voidCreateContainerL(CObjectCon *&anObject)[protected]

Actually create the container

CreateL ( )

IMPORT_C CObjectCon *CreateL()

Creates a new object container and adds it into this container index's collection.

In addition to creating the object container, the function assigns the next available unique ID to it.

Returns: A pointer to the new object container.

Lookup ( TInt )

IMPORT_C CObjectCon *Lookup(TIntaFindHandle)const

Gets a pointer to the object container with the unique ID from the specified find handle.

aFindHandleThe find handle.

Returns: A pointer to the object container with a matching unique ID. If no matching object container can be found, then this is NULL.

NewL ( )

IMPORT_C CObjectConIx *NewL()[static]

Creates a new container index.

Returns: A pointer to the newly created container index.

Remove ( CObjectCon * )

IMPORT_C voidRemove(CObjectCon *aCon)

Removes the specified object container from this container index and deletes it.

E32USER-CBASE 36 if the object container cannnot be found.
aConA pointer to the object container to be removed. If the pointer is NULL, the function just returns.