MVPbkContactObserver Class Reference

#include <app/MVPbkContactObserver.h>

Link against: VPbkVCardEng.lib

class MVPbkContactObserver

Nested Classes and Structures

Public Member Enumerations
enumTContactOp { EContactOperationUnknown, EContactRead, EContactReadAndLock, EContactDelete, ..., EContactSetOwn }
Public Member Functions
virtual TAny *ContactObserverExtension(TUid)
pure virtual voidContactOperationCompleted(TContactOpResult)
pure virtual voidContactOperationFailed(TContactOp, TInt, TBool)
Protected Member Functions
virtual ~MVPbkContactObserver()

Detailed Description

Virtual Phonebook Contact operation observer interface. This interface is used to signal the contact operation client of events.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum TContactOp

Operation codes for Contact operation observers.

EContactOperationUnknown0Unknown operation.
EContactReadSee MVPbkViewContact::ReadL.
EContactReadAndLockSee MVPbkViewContact::ReadAndLockL.
EContactDeleteSee MVPbkBaseContact::DeleteL.
EContactLockSee MVPbkStoreContact::LockL.
EContactCommitSee MVPbkStoreContact::Commit.
EContactSetOwnSee MVPbkContactStore::SetOwnContacL.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MVPbkContactObserver ( )

~MVPbkContactObserver()[protected, inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

ContactObserverExtension ( TUid )

TAny *ContactObserverExtension(TUid)[inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.

Returns: Extension point or NULL.

ContactOperationCompleted ( TContactOpResult )

voidContactOperationCompleted(TContactOpResultaResult)[pure virtual]

Called when a contact operation has succesfully completed.

NOTE: If you use Cleanupstack for MVPbkStoreContact use MVPbkStoreContact::PushL or CleanupDeletePushL from e32base.h. (Do Not Use CleanupStack::PushL(TAny*) because then the virtual destructor of the M-class won't be called when the object is deleted).

aResultThe result of the operation. The client takes the ownership of the iStoreContact immediately if set in aResult.

ContactOperationFailed ( TContactOp, TInt, TBool )

)[pure virtual]

Called when a contact operation has failed.

aOpCodeThe operation that failed.
aErrorCodeSystem error code of the failure. KErrAccessDenied when EContactCommit means that contact hasn't been locked.
aErrorNotifiedETrue if the implementation has already notified user about the error, EFalse otherwise.