CPbkContactChangeNotifier Class Reference

#include <app/CPbkContactChangeNotifier.h>

Link against: PbkEng.lib

class CPbkContactChangeNotifier : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CPbkContactChangeNotifier

    Detailed Description

    A class used for registering as an observer for contact database change events.

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    ~CPbkContactChangeNotifier ( )


    Removes the aObserver from aEngine given as paramters to NewL and destructs this object.

    Member Function Documentation

    NewL ( CPbkContactEngine &, MPbkContactDbObserver * )

    IMPORT_C CPbkContactChangeNotifier *NewL(CPbkContactEngine &aEngine,
    MPbkContactDbObserver *aObserver

    Creates a new instance of this class and registers aObserver as an observer of aEngine.

    aEngineThe observed object.
    aObserverThe observer to call when database changes occur.

    Returns: A contact change notifier instance.