TSatelliteData Class Reference

#include <lbssatellite.h>

Link against: lbs.lib

class TSatelliteData
Protected Attributes
TReal32 iAzimuth
TReal32 iElevation
TBool iIsUsed
TInt iSatelliteId
TInt iSignalStrength
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TReal32Azimuth()
IMPORT_C TReal32Elevation()
IMPORT_C TBoolIsUsed()
IMPORT_C TIntSatelliteId()
IMPORT_C voidSetAzimuth(TReal32)
IMPORT_C voidSetElevation(TReal32)
IMPORT_C voidSetIsUsed(TBool)
IMPORT_C voidSetSatelliteId(TInt)
IMPORT_C voidSetSignalStrength(TInt)
IMPORT_C TIntSignalStrength()

Detailed Description

This class is used to transfer data about a satellite

Member Attribute Documentation


TReal32 iAzimuth[protected]

The azimuth, in degrees


TReal32 iElevation[protected]

The elevation, in degrees


TBool iIsUsed[protected]

Whether the satellite is used


TInt iSatelliteId[protected]

The ID (in GPS, the PRN)


TInt iSignalStrength[protected]

The signal strength, in decibels

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TSatelliteData ( )


Default constructor for a TSatelliteData. Note the azimuth and elevation are both initially NaN.

Member Function Documentation

Azimuth ( )

IMPORT_C TReal32Azimuth()const

Returns the satellite azimuth

Returns: The satellite azimuth

Elevation ( )

IMPORT_C TReal32Elevation()const

Returns the satellite elevation

Returns: The satellite elevation

IsUsed ( )

IMPORT_C TBoolIsUsed()const

Returns Whether this satellite is used

Returns: Whether this satellite is used

SatelliteId ( )

IMPORT_C TIntSatelliteId()const

The satellite ID

Returns: The Satellite ID

SetAzimuth ( TReal32 )

IMPORT_C voidSetAzimuth(TReal32aAzimuth)

Sets the satellite azimuth

aAzimuthThe satellite azimuth to be set

SetElevation ( TReal32 )

IMPORT_C voidSetElevation(TReal32aElevation)

Sets the satellite elevation to be set

aElevationThe satellite elevation to be set

SetIsUsed ( TBool )

IMPORT_C voidSetIsUsed(TBoolaIsUsed)

sets whether this satellite will be used

aIsUsedWhether this satellite will be used

SetSatelliteId ( TInt )

IMPORT_C voidSetSatelliteId(TIntaSatelliteId)

The satellite ID to be set

aSatelliteIdThe satellite ID to be set

SetSignalStrength ( TInt )

IMPORT_C voidSetSignalStrength(TIntaSignalStrength)

Sets the signal strength

aSignalStrengthThe signal strength to set

SignalStrength ( )

IMPORT_C TIntSignalStrength()const

Returns the signal strength

Returns: The signal strength