MNfcTag Class Reference

#include <mw/nfctag.h>

Link against: nfcdiscoveryservice.lib

class MNfcTag
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MNfcTag()
pure virtual voidCloseConnection(MNfcConnection &)
pure virtual TInt GetConnectionModes(RArray< TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode > &)
pure virtual TBool HasConnectionMode(const TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode &)
pure virtual TBool IsInNearField()
pure virtual TInt OpenConnection(MNfcConnection &)
pure virtual const TDesC8 &Uid()

Detailed Description

This interface provides access to discovered contactless tag. Via this interface client can open different connection modes to the tag.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MNfcTag ( )

~MNfcTag()[inline, virtual]

Empty destructor.

Member Function Documentation

CloseConnection ( MNfcConnection & )

voidCloseConnection(MNfcConnection &aNfcConnection)[pure virtual]

Closes given NFC connection object.

GetConnectionModes ( RArray< TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode > & )

TInt GetConnectionModes(RArray< TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode > &aArray)const [pure virtual]

Returns all supported connection modes.

aArrayArray for connection modes

Returns: System wide error code

HasConnectionMode ( const TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode & )

TBool HasConnectionMode(const TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode &aMode)const [pure virtual]

Checks whether detected tag has specified connection mode or not.

aModeConnection mode

Return Values

EFalse Discovered tag doesn't support specified connection mode
ETrue Discovered tag supports specified connection mode

IsInNearField ( )

TBool IsInNearField()const [pure virtual]

Checks whether discovered tag is in near field or not.

Return Values

EFalse Tag is not in the near field
ETrue Tag is in near field

OpenConnection ( MNfcConnection & )

TInt OpenConnection(MNfcConnection &aNfcConnection)[pure virtual]

Opens a new connection to target tag. Only one connection can be opened to target tag at a time.

aNfcConnectionConnection to be opened

Return Values

KErrInUse Connection mode to the tag is already open
KErrNone Connection mode is successfully opened
KErrNotSupported Connection to the tag is not supported

Uid ( )

const TDesC8 &Uid()const [pure virtual]

Gets UID of detected tag.


Zero length descriptor is returned when tag is not in the near field.

Returns: UID of detected tag