CPbk2SortOrderManager Class Reference

#include <app/CPbk2SortOrderManager.h>

Link against: Pbk2Presentation.lib

class CPbk2SortOrderManager : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CPbk2SortOrderManager

    Detailed Description

    Phonebook 2 sort order manager. Responsible for managing the sort order of the contacts in a contact view.

    Member Enumeration Documentation

    Enum TPbk2NameDisplayOrder

    Name display orders.

    EPbk2NameDisplayOrderLastNameFirstNameLast name First name.
    EPbk2NameDisplayOrderFirstNameLastNameFirst name Last name.
    EPbk2NameDisplayOrderLastNameSeparatorFirstNameLast name<separator> First Name.

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    ~CPbk2SortOrderManager ( )



    Member Function Documentation

    AddObserverL ( MPbk2SortOrderObserver & )

    IMPORT_C voidAddObserverL(MPbk2SortOrderObserver &aObserver)

    Adds an observer.

    aObserverThe observer to add.

    CurrentSeparator ( )

    IMPORT_C const TDesC &CurrentSeparator()const

    Returns the current separator. This the separator that can be changed run time and saved to Central Repository.

    Returns: A current separator.

    DefaultSeparator ( )

    IMPORT_C const TDesC &DefaultSeparator()

    Returns the language specific default separator. This can not be changed run time.

    Returns: the language specific default separator.

    NameDisplayOrder ( )

    IMPORT_C TPbk2NameDisplayOrderNameDisplayOrder()const

    Returns the current name display order.

    Returns: Current name display order.

    NewL ( const MVPbkFieldTypeList &, RFs * )

    IMPORT_C CPbk2SortOrderManager *NewL(const MVPbkFieldTypeList &aMasterFieldTypeList,
    RFs *aFs = NULL

    Creates a new instance of this class.

    aMasterFieldTypeListMaster field type list. Can be retrieved from Virtual Phonebook contact manager.
    aFsA file system session reference for resource file handling. If NULL then an own session is created.

    Returns: A new instance of this class.

    RemoveObserver ( MPbk2SortOrderObserver & )

    IMPORT_C voidRemoveObserver(MPbk2SortOrderObserver &aObserver)

    Removes an observer.

    aObserverThe observer to remove.

    SetContactViewL ( MVPbkContactViewBase & )

    IMPORT_C voidSetContactViewL(MVPbkContactViewBase &aContactView)

    Sets the contact view that this manager manages. Takes in use the sort order from the given view.

    aContactViewThe contact view to manage.

    SetNameDisplayOrderL ( TPbk2NameDisplayOrder, const TDesC & )

    IMPORT_C voidSetNameDisplayOrderL(TPbk2NameDisplayOrderaNameDisplayOrder,
    const TDesC &aSeparator =  KNullDesC

    Sets the name displaying order for the managed contact view.

    aNameDisplayOrderNew name display order for the managed contact view.
    aSeparatorCustom separator to be used between lastname and firstname if it exists. If KNullDesC is given, space is used as separator.

    SortOrder ( )

    IMPORT_C const MVPbkFieldTypeList &SortOrder()const

    Returns the current sort order.

    Returns: Current sort order.