TApaApplicationFactory Class Reference

#include <mw/apaapp.h>

Link against: apparc.lib

class TApaApplicationFactory

Detailed Description

Encapsulates the functionality of creating an application, whether it be via a factory function or an ECOM plugin. Instances of this class can usually be created implicitly when required as function parameters - just specify the function pointer, ECOM plugin UID or CImplementationInformation reference.

See also: CApaProcess EikStart

Member Type Definition Documentation

Typedef TFunction

typedef CApaApplication *(*TFunction

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TApaApplicationFactory ( )


Default constructor Constructor for TApaApplicationFactory

TApaApplicationFactory ( TFunction )



aFunctionThe function from which the application is to be created.

TApaApplicationFactory ( const CImplementationInformation & )

IMPORT_CTApaApplicationFactory(const CImplementationInformation &aEmbeddedApplicationInformation)

Constructor. Use this constructor in preference to the constructor taking a "TUid" parameter if at all possible as it is much more efficient.

aEmbeddedApplicationInformationThe ECOM implementation-information of the embedded application to be created.

TApaApplicationFactory ( TUid )


Constructor. Use the constructor taking a "const CImplementationInformation&" parameter in preference to this constructor if at all possible as it is much more efficient.

aEmbeddedApplicationUidThe ECOM implementation-UID of the embedded application to be created.

Member Function Documentation

AppFileNameL ( )

HBufC *AppFileNameL()const

AppFileUid ( )

TUid AppFileUid()const

CreateApplicationL ( )

CApaApplication *CreateApplicationL()const