MCoeForegroundObserver Class Reference

#include <mw/coemain.h>

Link against: cone.lib

class MCoeForegroundObserver
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidHandleGainingForeground()
pure virtual voidHandleLosingForeground()
Protected Member Functions

Detailed Description

Interface providing notification of foreground/background changes.

The FEP framework class, CCoeFep, derives from MCoeForegroundObserver, which enables FEPs to receive notification when the target application (which receives the FEP's output) goes into the foreground or background.

Anything that needs this notification should derive from this class and override its two pure virtual functions.

In addition, derived classes also need to call CCoeEnv::AddForegroundObserverL() during construction, and CCoeEnv::RemoveForegroundObserver() in their destructors.

See also: CCoeFep

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCoeForegroundObserver ( )


Member Function Documentation

HandleGainingForeground ( )

voidHandleGainingForeground()[pure virtual]

Handles the application coming to the foreground.

HandleLosingForeground ( )

voidHandleLosingForeground()[pure virtual]

Handles the application going into the background.