RSubConParameterBundle Class Reference

#include <es_sock.h>

Link against: esock.lib

class RSubConParameterBundle

Detailed Description

Container for (bundle of) SubConnection parameter families.

May contain and 0..N SubConnection parameter families.

Note: If the RSubConParameterBundle object takes ownership of any CSubConParameterFamily object, then when the bundle object is destroyed, any family owned by this object will also be destroyed.


Deprecatedsince v9.6

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RSubConParameterBundle ( )


Empty sub-connection parameter bundle constructor

Member Function Documentation

AddFamilyL ( CSubConParameterFamily * )

IMPORT_C voidAddFamilyL(CSubConParameterFamily *aFamily)

Add a sub-connection parameter family to the bundle.

Note: The RSubConParameterBundle object takes ownership of the parameter family that is passed into this method. When the bundle object is destroyed, any family owned by this object will also be destroyed.


with KErrNoMemory in out of memory conditions

aFamilyFamily to be added (bundle takes ownership)

CheckBundle ( )

TInt CheckBundle()const [protected]

Check to see if the handle has a heap object. If it hasn't, it creates one

Returns: KErrNone if successful, otherwise a system wide error

ClearAllParameters ( CSubConParameterFamily::TParameterSetType )

IMPORT_C voidClearAllParameters(CSubConParameterFamily::TParameterSetTypeaType)

Clears (removes and deletes) all parameter sets with the type specified (delegated to the families)

aTypeThe type of the set to be deleted(requested, acceptable or granted)

Close ( )

IMPORT_C voidClose()

Close the parameter bundle handle

CopyFromFamilyBundleL ( RParameterFamilyBundle & )

voidCopyFromFamilyBundleL(RParameterFamilyBundle &aSrc)

Copy the contents of an RParameterFamilyBundle to this RSubConParameterBundle

aSrcRParameterFamilyBundle to copy contents from

CopyToFamilyBundleL ( RParameterFamilyBundle & )

voidCopyToFamilyBundleL(RParameterFamilyBundle &aDest)const

Copy the contents of this parameter bundle to a RParameterFamilyBundle.

aDestRParameterFamilyBundle to copy parameters to

FindFamily ( TUint32 )

IMPORT_C CSubConParameterFamily *FindFamily(TUint32aFamilyId)

Search the sub-connection parameter bundle for a parameter family

aFamilyIdId of the family to match against. It is an identifier for the specific family type, currently only 4, QoS (KSubConQoSFamily),Authorisation (KSubConAuthorisationFamily), CallDescrParams (KSubConnCallDescrParamsFamily) and ContextDescrParams (KSubConnContextDescrParamsFamily), are defined.

Returns: Matching family or NULL pointer if not found

Length ( )

IMPORT_C TUintLength()const

Calculates the length of buffer required to serialise this parameter set bundle.

Returns: Length of buffer required.

Load ( const TDesC8 & )

IMPORT_C TIntLoad(const TDesC8 &aDes)

Instructs this sub-connection bundle to set its members based on the serialiesd data in the buffer passed.

aDesBuffer containing the serialised bundle object

Returns: KErrNone if successful, otherwise system wide error

Store ( TDes8 & )

IMPORT_C TIntStore(TDes8 &aDes)const

Instructs this sub-connection parameter bundle to create a serilised version of itself and append it to the buffer that has been passed.

aDesBuffer to append the serialised object to

Returns: KErrNone if successful, otherwise system wide error (e.g. EKrrOverflow if the descriptor is too small) If unsuccessful, there is no guarantee as to the buffer or data stored in it.